Anything but bored

Jacob, Mary and Joshua at White Oak Cabins near Lake Patoka

Jacob, Mary and Joshua at White Oak Cabins near Lake Patoka

Recently my kids and I spent three days in southern Indiana. We visited Holiday World, probably the cleanest family friendly amusement park in the free world.
We drove down Sunday and spent the afternoon evening riding roller coasters and other amusement rides. Proving that it truly is a small world after all (different theme park) we bumped into the Oliver family there. It was nice catching up with them and the kids had fun doing things with others their own age.
Sunday night we made our way to the cabin we rented at White Oak Cabins. The kids really liked having that much room and not having neighbors above, below or beside us.

We were met by the owners chocolate lab Big Red. He was the friendliest dog, not having ever met us but obviously used to strangers coming and going he showed us right to our cabin’s door.
We stayed there two nights and it really wasn’t enough. The grounds the cabin was on were beautiful and begged to be explored. The owner also has another 60 acres on Lake Patoka that we will have to visit next trip.

Monday we headed back to Holiday World to visit the water park. The weather was perfect, mid to upper 70’s occasional puffy cloud to offer some shade but no threat of rain. Mr. Oliver and I had the same idea that Sunday would be crowded but we would have the park to ourselves on Monday. It was a common misconception shared with several thousand other dads. All the park personnel commented that it was busy for a Monday. But that is one of the great things about Holiday World even on a busy day for them the lines and crowds are not that bad. Sure we had to wait for an hour plus to get on their newest and greatest water coaster the rest of the lines and waits were no where near that long.

The Olivers invited us back to the attached campground, where they were staying, after the park closed for dinner. We accepted and I watched over all the kids at the amusement park for a couple hours while they headed back to the RV. All five kids got along great and had fun squeezing in as many roller coasters as they could in two hours. Mary even went on the Voyage which is more roller coaster than I can handle anymore, learned that the hard way last time we visited.

Having walked over to the campgrounds I left my Jeep in the parking lot that is attached to the park and the campgrounds. I never thought they would lock it up especially before 10 p.m., but they did.
After dinner I left the kids at the campsite and walked over to get the Jeep to head out for the evening. Much to my surprise the parking lot was chained and padlocked shut. As I was straddling the top of the fence I thought “A man my age can still scale a 6ft chain link fence in Crocs but should know better.”

I got to my Jeep and began driving looking for a gate open somewhere or hoping security will see me driving around in here and come to let me out. Neither looked like it was going to happen as I watched two city police cars drive by without so much as a glance my way. So I parked by the main gates with my lights on using my phone to find a number to the Holiday World security to find out how to get out. My luck finally turned when a security person getting off work notice me sitting there and stopped to help.

It was really late by the time we got back to the cottage that evening so everyone went straight to bed and slept in a little the next morning. Tuesday we paddled on the Blue River.  The boys were in sit on top kayaks. I never gave this type of kayak much of a look before but the outfitter suggested them for several reasons. Number one was comfort. Sitting on top instead of in the kayak is not nearly as warm. I had never thought about that before but having paddled an enclosed kayak on Lake Max I can attest that they do get warm and stale.

Mary and I were in a canoe which is my preference and this worked out great. We had the cooler and the boys in the kayaks could point out the easiest route through the couple of areas of rapids. The Blue River is a fun paddle. It is more technical than most of the rivers here in northern Indiana. Now it is not that difficult at all but had a couple of rapid sections that were fun to paddle.

It was an enjoyable three days. We had fun doing a little bit everything each of us like to do. I am looking forward to our next adventure.