Beauty through the lens

Taking advantage of the weather to catch up on reading and writing. The aesthetics of our everyday life have always been an interest of mine. What part does beauty play in our life? Do we have a collective sense of quality? Is there a degree of beauty?

While different cultures have different tastes or fashions. The true sense of quality is universal. The subject matter of a painting, sculpture, opera may not be to one’s liking, but there is an overall goodness or element of quality that the individual can determine.

A capture from 2018 that I was asked to take. This was an example of the type of thing that is not my taste. This isn’t what I do. But a family member of this young man wanted a photo and this young man wanted it without a shirt and sans smile. It forced me to convey a side of racing that I don’t like capturing.

There is an aspect of some contemporary art that takes this idea of a universal aesthetic and turns it on its head. But even that has different levels of ability and quality of message. The materials selected for a piece of art often will determine the emotion or message it conveys.

I am a true believer that art can be found everywhere if you are open to experiencing it. And as art is everywhere, so is the beauty that accompanies it. Beauty is often thought of as a subjective term or property. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” is the axiom.

Beauty is as constant as truth and good. An ultimate, something is the truth, it is good. These are often expressed as absolutes. One’s perspective can alter what we perceive as good and what is truth. Ultimately, it can be argued, there is only one truth, an ultimate good and I would argue one standard for beauty. What changes is us, what perspective we bring.

And just as we strive to be truthful and to do what is good, we should strive to bring beauty to everything we do.